Sunday, October 4, 2015

That Spooky Old Tree

With Halloween fast approaching these photos will get us in the spirit, so to speak.  If you have some photos you've taken and want to share for Halloween or any other holiday season please feel free to share with us.  Some of our regular photographers are coming back into the fold and today we are sharing some from Camera Shy.

Photograher: Camera Shy

Spiders... even spiders get wet in the rain..

 That Spooky Old Tree
Turkey Gobbler...Hiding from the Thanksgiving Feast..on Halloween...

If you are interested in sharing some of your favorite photographs please check out the instructions on the side bar and send them in. Don't forget to send along a code name or "handle" you would like to be referred to as along with your email.  Kids are welcome with parents  permission.  We usually use handles for privacy sake but it's up to you.  Come on in..the blogging's fine!


Brenda said...

Great shots!

Amber said...

Spooky old trees and wild turkeys. What a perfect set for pictures.