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Camera Shy has been and will continue sharing some of her favorite photos.  Please view and comment on this page, at the bottom.  Enjoy!

Photographer: Camera Shy

Lilly Spectacular

Cameral Shy used a few special effects and framing techniques on the computer to come up with these original Lilly Spectacular Photos!

Pet Parade Entries

Somewhat ominous in nature, the sunsets are beautiful even though they grew from smoke from the Waldo Canyon Fire that destroyed thousands of acres, hundreds of homes and at least 2 human lives. Even in devistation the awsomeness of nature can be seen if we take a moment to look.

Waldo Canyon Sunsets
Smokey Haze over the Mountains

Smoke Rising to meet the Clouds

Ominous Overshadowing

Sunlight Finds a Way
(over Pikes Peak)

Golden Sunset

The Burning Bush?
(what would it would have said?)


Introduction to Camera Shy

A Little Buddy

Sunbeams through the trees

Forest Mist

Mystery Woods

Fantasy Trail

Trail Mist

Sunset Trees


Air Show Planes

Air Force Crew Enjoy the Show

Mountain Sunbeams

Water Lillys

Foggy Aspen


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sheila said...

Very good contrasts between the fog and the trees.