Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas and other Holidays seem to being out the cheery side in most of us and it's good to spread that cheer to whom ever we meet.  This is the longest post of the year to share some special affects and creative photography and use of some computer photo programs that are available to even us amateurs. 
  Three photographers and photo program experimenters have entered their creations to finish out the year of 2012 and to jump start the new year.  Please welcome our newest photographer/artist: "Whitey" as he has been known for years and wo of our regular amateur photographer's, "funky-i-yam" and "Photo Amature."

Photographer: funky-i-yam

A Christmas tree all alight and a little wiggle of the camera created this colorful and appealing photo.

Dancing Christmas Lights


Photographer:  Whitey

  Whitey used photographs he shot and blended them together with some public clip art and some artful drawing of his own to create these Christmas Cards.  He uses a very simple and older program called Photo Express whis is offered by the Ulead Systems.  He said that it can be found by going to the following web site to check it out:
   Most of Whitey's cards depict himself, his wife and his dog, Bogey.  They are arfully done and was a fun way to share with his family and friends.

  This first one includes a public clip art and their own faces.

This one took a very old black and white photograph, another of himself and his wife and some creative drawing in the program.

Bogey and tools overlaid on another photograph.

Totally set up photo but a cool depiction.

Two pictures blended and overlaid:

Twas the night before Christmas dreaming....

Another Christmas Eve Dreamer....
Couple and Bogey inserted in clip art.
The next set of Christmas Cards were created by Photo Amature using Picasa and photographs of Christmas ornaments hanging on the tree.,
Photographer:  Photo Amature
Blur Effect

A negative Effect

Heat Effect

Antique Angel
Blur Effect and Neon Effect

 Snowman Ornament
Flat coloring/paint Effect

Small Santa Hat Blur Effect

Intensity Effect and Negative Effect

Myrtle with Drawing Effect and Red Tinting
Mable with Pencil Drawing Effect

Red Ornament
First one slight blur 


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve Surprise!

Look who I surprised in our house last night!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!

Photographer:  Photo Amateur

Did you capture some cute, funny or beautiful Christmas or Holiday shots recently?  Would you like to share them with us?  Please read the top sidebar for instructions for joining in.  We would love to see what you enjoyed taking pictures of or had fun doing some special effects with your camera.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Glacier Winter in Alaska

With Winter upon us this is a great time to review some pictures of an Alaskan Glacier as seen from above.  Our amateur photographer, who took these while on his travels, is Mountain Man. 

 Let's tour the awsome size, power and stark beauty of an Alaskan glacier and be glad for the safety and warmth we enjoy while doing it.

Photographer:  Mountain Man

Alaska - Glacier filled Canyon

Glacier Alley

Razor Tooth Ridges

Alaska - Glacier Highway

Glacial Merge Lanes

Glacial Highway Pileup

Cross Country Via Glacier

Mouth of the Glacier River

Now snuggle up and enjoy some hot cocoa and warm slippers after the tour.  Next week I hope to have a few guests contact me with some holiday shots of sights and lights that please and amaze.  If you want to be part of the party please read the instructions on the upper right sidebar and get your photos in right away.

   Looking forward to sharing some Holiday and Christmas Cheer!!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Colorful Colorado According to TJM596

Most photographer's of all abilities are drawn to colorful sunsets.  Anyone who has ever paused along the way, whether on a beach, on a mountain, at the Grand Canyon or on a front porch, and watched the sun set, understands the awesomeness and calming effect it can give us.

One of our amateur photographer's is sharing a few of those moments with us today.

Photographer TJM596:

Colorado Patriot

Beginning the Show

Snowy Peak Sunset

God's Watercolor Silhoette


Days End

Do you have any colorful holiday photo's that you think would be universally interesting to other's?  That doesn't mean just Christmas, by the way, how about Hanukah or other special occasions that present wonderful visual effects.
  Remember, we have a page for special effects incase you have or want to try something new in picture taking.  Maybe a blur effect, a color filter, black and white, etc.  Go ahead and have some fun and be sure to share with us.

Check the side bar at the top of this page for instructions on joining us or becoming a guest photographer.

Kids, this means you too!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Colorado's Painted Sunsets

Sunsets in Colorado can be some of the most spectacular around, especially when setting over the Rocky Mountains.  Just driving along I-25 can be an adventure as it was for one of our photographer's just the other day.  Take your time and enjoy the wonderful and colorful sunsets and amazing cloud formations that seem to be painted on a canvas rather than the suns light traveling through moisture droplets and particles in the air.
  God's canvas is as large as the sky and his paints as brilliant as any painter can imagine.

Photographer:  Photo Amature

Camera: Nikon D80.  These were taken out the window of a moving vehicle, and yet due to the distance came out fantastic.

Unusual Cloud Formations

Silver Painted Sunset

Silver Sunset Panorama

Stir the Pot Cloud Formations

 Nature's Finger Painting

Clouds Aflame

Snow, Sand, Waves on Beach or Sky?

A Rip in the Heavens

A River Runs Through it?

Currents of Fire

I hope that you enjoyed the sky show.  Nature is just another beautiful thing in life to be thankful for during the month of November.
   Now with December arriving I am hoping for some festive and fun pictures you may have or will aquire as you look for those special moments and places and circumstances when something in this world moves you and makes you just want to remember it with a photograph.  Keep your camera or phone with camera capabilities close at hand and when you capture a great moment be sure to send it in and share with us.  We would love to have you join our group of Amateur Photographers.
  I would like to remind all our younger photographers and children that you are very welcome to join in the fun of photography and to discover your hidden eye for art and appreciation of the world you live in.  See upper right sidebar for info on how to submit pictures and to join in the fun.