Friday, September 27, 2013

Who's who at the Zoo!

Have you been to the zoo lately?  Of course almost everyone has been to one at some point.  Depending on your area, a zoo can provide a wonderful day out and a chance to re-aquaint your self with some of the creatures that may or may not reside in your part of the world. 
  Today we'll take a little stroll through a small local zoo and see what you recognize.  It will include photos from two of our regular members.  One thing about going to the zoo... there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Photographers:  Photo Amature and Camera Shy

Don't Cry Fowl......

Photo Amature

His and Hers
Photo Amature 
Ah...How Cute
Photo Amature 
Poison Dart Frog
Photo Amature 
What kind of crazy modern art is this?
Photo Amature

I heard that.....
Photo Amature

I think I may be on the wrong continent.
Hey man, I'm Lost.
Photo Amature 

Beauty abounds in all sizes and shapes
Camera Shy

Dr. Suess......Is this a plant?  A porcupine stick? 
A hairy tipped tail? 
Photo Amature

You called me a what?
Photo Amature

My Spectacular Top Knot is my Pride and Joy!
Photo Amature 
What Big Feet You Have...
(And ugly too)
Photo Amature

Who says I need a pedicure?
Photo Amature

 You can't hurt me, cause I'm a rock!
Photo Amature

Well he's slow as a rock anyway...hehe!
 Photo Amature
So.. I'm not pretty, but I've got a great personality...
 Photo Amature
Ever watchful....
Camera Shy

What's that kid doing out there
with my cub?
Camera Shy

2 Cubs lapping the cool water together....
Photo Amature

 I know I'm Beautiful!
(Turquois is my favorite color too)
Photo Amature

 Crowning Jewel Feather Cap!
Photo Amature

 A lighthouse in a zoo?  Only on monkey mountain....
Camera Shy
We would like to invite you to join us in sharing your pictures.  As you look around you each day, take note of the little things that intrigue you and the awesome things that excite and inspire you.  Laughter is good for the soul, they say, so don't be shy about sharing some humorous photos as well.  If you enjoy looking at the world then you can be sure that many other's do too. 
  Check out the instructions on the upper right side bar for information on submitting photographs and getting credit for it!  We would love to have you join us!

Camera Shy

Friday, September 20, 2013

From the Past to the Promise

A few weeks ago one of our regular photography contributors visited some of the areas that have just experienced a lot of flooding.  This week We can share in a unique perspective from Funky-I-yam.

Photographer:  Funky-I-yam

In the town of Lyons, Colorado (before the flood).  From the past to the present with a little Focal Black and White and Color center to illustrate.

The Alley

Allenspark, Colorado
This picture was touched up with the 'posterizing' effect

Posterizing used here
(Double Rainbow vs. Colorful House)
"Competition with God!"
 After the flooding this rainbow holds special meaning for those affected and the rest of us who have witnessed the devastation and who care about those who have lost so much!
Any more Summer adventures that you have recorded with your trusty little camera?  Now is the time to share while summer is still fresh in our memories. 
  Soon, with fall pouncing, we will be sharing our amateur photographers enjoyment and experiments with the changing seasons.  If you are excited about the world around you or in interesting things you see, take a picture and you may decide to share them with the rest of us.  Join in, it's fun!


Friday, September 13, 2013

South Dakota Part 2 - Where the Buffalo Roam....

Did you ever wonder where the Buffalo Roam?  We have them in Colorado and a very few other States.  South Dakota is well known for them, especially in and near the Black Hills.  The original American Indians across the American continent followed the buffalo and depended on them for sustenance, shelter, clothing and tools.  In the 1800's they were almost massacred into extinction by the Frontier's Buffalo Hunters but fortunately, along the American Plains and foothills they have rebuilt their herds through protection acts.

On our recent trip to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota we were fortunate enough to run into one of these herds, almost literally!

Photographer: Photo Amature

Travelling innocently along the beautiful rolling South Dakota Hills

Whoa!   What's this?  Even with a weed hanging from his horn, this buffalo was totally unconcerned with our approach and dared us to proceed!

Ever wonder if animals communicate from one species to another?  I think this little bird and the buffalo were discussing whether we should be allowed to move!
This Momma and baby were veering out of the way of some rambunctious young bulls that were chasing around the hill side!

On guard and very aware of our gawking.  Though
Unperturbed, he kept his eye on us.

A roll in the grass always feels good!

The Herd

The Chase Begins!

The chase began with one bull chasing his girlfriend.  Soon a whole group of eligible young bulls joined in the game of chase covering the whole hillside and scattering other grazing groups along the way.

Lone Bull
This bull seemed to be acting as the Sentinel,
alone on the hill watching both sides of the ridge!

The buffalo did eventually let us pass and we continued on our journey home.
On our way down out of the South Dakota hills and heading west toward Wyoming!

   Hopefully next week we'll have some photos to share from another amateur photographers perspective.  Please feel free to join in and share your experiences or candid cool shots with the rest of us.  Just read the instructions on the upper right hand side bar and send in your pictures. 
    Remember, you don't have to be a great photographer, you just need to love capturing the world around you from your own perspective and to be willing to share with other's.  By the way, if you only have one picture to share, that's ok too.  Many entries are single shots and we have a special guest page for those so don't be shy or think that you don't have enough to offer.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Many people  have visited Estes Park in Colorado and will enthusiastically declare it beautiful and wild.  At the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, it draws tourists and regular visitors by the thousands each year.  One of our regular amateur photographers recently spent some time there and enjoyed a relaxing weekend driving and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.  Taking pictures is a wonderful past time and a great way to bring your memories of spectacular scenery home with you.  Let's join in one person's personal tour of an outing in the great out of doors.

Photographer:  Camera Shy

First High Peek.....

Distance is almost a tangible thing...

The Ragged and Wild Rocky Mountains

The Views Never End

A Wild and Slippery Slope

Nature's Cutest Mountain Rodent

Glacial Bowl on a Mountain Side

Eons Old Lichen on High Altitude Rocks

The Rock

A Natural Frame
Hazardous but beautiful hike

Interesting Bridge Structure             Wild Berry


 Wild Grass Highlights


What a trip.  Thank you Camera Shy for the hike and wonderful Rocky Mountain Adventure.  Stay tuned for other photographer's summer experiences and another episode from South Dakota in the next few weeks.  There is always room and an open invitation for you to either join our group of amateur photographers or for our current sharer's to send more in.  Kid's are welcome and special effect pictures are always a good way to spice up our photography lives.
  If you make any changes to your photos with special effects either on your camera or on your computer please let us know so that we can give you credit for that.  Cropping (or a little lightening for dark areas) is allowed without comment.
  Until next time.........