Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Amateur Photographer's Entry

New Photographer's Entry

Today's Photo entry is by a new amateur photographer.  An oak leaf still hangs on through a bitter cold winter in Flagstaff, Arizona.  An inspiration to the photographer that winter will eventually be over.

Photographer:  2Beauties

Oak Leaf in Flagstaff:

If you would like to participate and share some of your favorite amateur photos please read the sidebar for instructions and goals and email us with the photo or photos and your chosen blog alias.

Looking forward to some more fun and interesting photos from YOU!

Thank you,
Photo Amateur

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Water, Water, Water and a Few Furry Friends

Are you an amateur photographer or do you know someone who enjoys taking pictures?  If so, think about sharing some of your best and favorite photos with us.  Look at the side bar and contact us at the email listed, then send us a few photos and we will try to share them.  The criteria we use is listed on the sidebar and also in the first blog posting or 'Home'.  Hope to see more photo entrants to share.  Thank you.
Photographer:  Photo Amateur

Sunset and the Resevoir, Pueblo Lake

A Squirrel on the Lookout!

Nesting Cranes over the Lake

On the Lake, Water droplets from boat spray

Water, Water, Water

Now Everyone say, Awwww...

Please comment on the ones you like and contact us if you wish to participate.  The more photographers who enter the more viewers will be coming by to see what you/we have to offer.  Let your family and friends know about this blog and let's get it building.  Adios for today.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Simple shots can be interesting

A group of simple shots with a variety of seasons.  I love to pick out small scenes in everyday life and especially out of doors, at home, on walks or on trips.  I bet many of our viewers have some simple shots they have taken and would like to share them.  If so, contact me at the email address on the sidebar and we'll see about posting them.

Photographer:  Photo Amateur

Fall at the pond

 Fall Ivy

Spring Morning Glory

 Walking Bridge in the Woods Topside and Underside

Looking forward to new entrants for our blog.  This can be your blog too just by contacting us with your photo entries.  Eventually I will be creating seperate 'pages' for many of the photographer Amateurs who enter photos the most.  That way, you and other's can follow your favorite photographer more closely.

Until next time....