Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today I am featuring just one photo by a new amateur photographer who has been gracious enough to share a fovorite with us.

Photographer: JimAtLarge

Snowshoe Hare, Squirrel and Deer Tracks in the Colorado Mountains

Thank you 'Jimatlarge' for your contribution.  All viewers are welcome to comment on photos in this blog.  If you are not an active blogger yourself you can sign in as 'annonymous'.

Interested in being part of our blog. Please contact me through the email above and on the sidebar.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Theme: Wildlife and Water

Still wating for new 'Amateur' photographers to contact me about sharing some of their favorite and best photos.  Remember, no expensive camera's necessary, no touchups will be used except possibly cropping and red-eye features.  Make contact with the comments section or through the email listed on the sidebar.

Photographer:  Photo Amateur
Curious Squirrel

Dew Drops on a Drooping Canvas Unbrella

Crane Over Local Park Pond

Dew Drops on Undercover Plants

Time Out?

Hope you enjoy a variety of photography favorites.  If you have a favorite on this blog please let us know.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just getting Started......

Hello again,
As with all new blogs, it sometimes takes a few tries to get all the kinks out. I have tried to brighten up the home page and will continue to make improvements along the way. Patience and perserverance are vitures I've heard. 
  As our photo blog builds I will try to include tabs with  seperate pages for each photographer's favorites,  Then as a blog follower you can 'follow' your favorite amateur photographer's as well.  For the time being we'll go with the flow and hope to hear from any visiters for feedback and relevancy of this blog.

Photographer:  Photo Amateur

This photo was taken from the north end of Eleven Mile Resevoir.

This is my artistic rendition of the same scene,

Even amateurs can look out their back door and find a beautiful sky

I love bare trees with a beautiful sunset sky

I think this would make a nice Card cover for any occasion

This was taken on Raton Pass at the New Mexico Border

Even turtles need a break every now and then

I made these for my in-laws 
Who were married for 55 years at the time

Until I can get some photos from other photographer's uploaded I would like to hear your comments so far.  If you want to be part of this blog just send an email to the address shown on the side bar and we can talk.

Thank you for visiting and hope to hear from you soon.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Amature Photographers get ready, set, go!

Welcome to my new blog for amateur photographers and those who enjoy seeing the world from other perspectives.  As explained above, even us average or amateur photographers are sometimes lucky enough to catch a really cool scene in our camera sights.  Without benefit of professional training even you can stumble on or look for those special places or activities or topics that may interest someone other than yourself.
  I will be posting a few miscellaneous photos periodically to demonstrate some amature photographers views of some thing that interests them.  I will include any comments they may have concerning the photo or where they were, when it was taken and what if any techniques they used to get the photo. 
  You are welcome to comment on this blog but all comments will be monitored before being posted.  All compliments are welcome and good constructive critism and suggestions will be honored. No profanity or other derogatory posts will be uploaded.
  If this blog is a succes, I may open it up for other amateures, like yourself, to send photos to be considered for posting on this site.  Not all photos received will nessesarily be posted but all effort will be made to be fair to each photographer.  Only quality (amateur) photos without nudity, profanity or otherwise offensive content will be included.
  This is not meant to portray family album pictures and only pictures of general human interest will be considered.  Human characture photos with permission of subject may be posted.
  As stated in my introductory side bar, all photographer's will be cited with an alias to protect privacy and all photos will be watermarked and owned by the photographer and the author of this site for use on this site only.  I will let it be known when and if I can offer this to any new photographers for entering a photo.
  Today I am entering a few sample pictures to enjoy and hopefully get some feed back on what you like or don't like and what type of photos interest you the most.

Photographer:  Photo Amature. 

Looking west towards
Pikes Peak in Colorado.

Early Morning After a Rainy Night

Weighing In - First Visit to the Vet

Up Close and Personal with a Blue Spruce

The Cattails were Calling

Winter at a San Diego Beach

Sign seen at a Private School Driveway

Many more pictures are on the way, but I hope you have enjoyed this simple beginning and introduction.  Please come back and give us your 2 cents worth any time.