Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ecclectic tastes...

Eclectic tastes leaves room for a little of this and that.  Here are a few fun pictures taken this summer.  A little sky, a little earth and a few of God's creatures....

Photographer: Photo Amature

 A brush over layer of clouds...

 Beautiful swimmers as well as flyers

The night sky brings them alive in the sky
 but daylight makes for the best napping
 for these little guys

New life can reach through to the sunlight when determined

Ok, come on guys and gals and join in.  I guess I can keep posting my pictures all by myself but it's much more fun when we have a variety of pictures and styles to share.  Think you are too much of a novice?  No way.  Think you are too old or too young?  Again.. not applicable.  Do you like to take pictures of people, places and things?  Well then... let's see what you've got.  We promise to enjoy them.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Throwback to spring/summer...

Before we forget completely what summer was all's a few more recent memories.  Insects busy at their work, being so industrious that I am continually inspired to come back for more of summer's possibilities.  Now that fall is in full swing and winter approaching we might as well reminisce for a few moments.  If you have some seasonal photo's you've taken that you want to share please consider joining us at any time.

Photographer: Photo Amature

Frozen in Motion

Delicate slurping

Yellow Hopper Blend

Is Three a crowd?
All Mine...

Kids, Parents, siblings... come on and join in.  Perhaps you can work as a team to come up with something unique and fun to photograph.  Use lighting and shadows to your advantage.. focus or blurring, color or black and white or sepia tone, shapes and sizes and then of course the subject.  Try some new things. Use your imagination and don't try to follow all the rules, just have fun.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sunrise in a Misty Dawn

Sunrise or just can't beat them. especially when you can get up before dawn and watch the sun peek over the horizon while it sifts it's warm rays over the land and water.  A little mist in the air gives the light a soft and mysterious feel.

Photographer: Photo Amature

Mist in the early morning lays on the water..

Cool fresh air and mist

Golden Morning on the Lake

Mysterious mist

 Reflective Light 

The fine white plants were covered
 in water droplets from the mist
and looked like snow

 The Mist Laden White Finery
 We would really like to open this up to others who enjoy taking pictures but may be a little shy thinking that they can't take good pictures.  Please don't feel like you aren't good enough.  We all started out somewhere and many of us are still there...just experimenting, trying to figure things out, etc.
Don't be shy, just jump right in and join us. 
   Just send in a picture or two to the email address shown on the side bar. Give us a name or handle you would like to be known by on this site and we will put water marks on your pictures to keep them safe on the internet. If you have any questions or concerns just send and email and we will try to respond to you right away!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Hobbits vs Martians?

Let your imagination run wild...  What if the Martians landed and entered Middle Earth and Found the Hobbits.  Can they work it out and co-exist?

Photographer: Photo Amature

The Martians are coming...
And they brought their own
 building materials?

Hobbit Toadstool Town

Hobbits and Martians try to blend..

Martian Apartment Row

The Hobbit Salt Mines
(don't cheat the Hobbits of their coin)

Do you have one or two or more pictures you would like to share?  Can you make a story to go with them just for fun?  Give it a try and join in.  Read the sidebar for instructions and let's see what you've got.  We love to see what each person sees in their own little world.
           Kids are welcome as long as a parent gives permission for them to enter photos.  We already have a few so check out all of the tabs at the top of the page to see what other photographers have shared.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Take clouds or fog, add moisture, flowers and grasses and you get close-ups of fallish beauty.  The leaves hadn't yet begun to fall but the weather has definitely got a change to it.
Photographer: Camera Shy
Fall Grasses by the Lake
Fall Sunshine in Flora Form 

Fall Dew Drops

Fall Dew Drops Two

Thank you Camera Shy for sharing your unique view of your world.  I  will continue to invite any one to join in at any time after reading the goals and guidelines on the sidebar on this page.
   Any comments are welcomed by the photographers since we are all amateurs and are just loving the chance to share with you our view of the world as we see it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sunset road...

Sunrises are a soft blend of colors as the sun prepares to lighten our world for the day.  After an eventful day the sun can be a little more dramatic as it goes down in a flare of awesome colors.  Enjoy this sunset along a country road and look for some of your own sunsets or sunrises that you just had to think.."Ohhh...ahhhh..fantastic!" When you find some or even one picture just send it in.  We'd love to see what you have seen in your world.

Photographer: Photo Amature

Country Roads....
Miles to go ....

Almost  Home.....


Please join in and don't forget to leave comments for the photographers for their efforts.  Even visitors to the blogging scene can leave anonymous messages.....
   See sidebar for more information on our blog....

Sunday, October 4, 2015

That Spooky Old Tree

With Halloween fast approaching these photos will get us in the spirit, so to speak.  If you have some photos you've taken and want to share for Halloween or any other holiday season please feel free to share with us.  Some of our regular photographers are coming back into the fold and today we are sharing some from Camera Shy.

Photograher: Camera Shy

Spiders... even spiders get wet in the rain..

 That Spooky Old Tree
Turkey Gobbler...Hiding from the Thanksgiving Feast..on Halloween...

If you are interested in sharing some of your favorite photographs please check out the instructions on the side bar and send them in. Don't forget to send along a code name or "handle" you would like to be referred to as along with your email.  Kids are welcome with parents  permission.  We usually use handles for privacy sake but it's up to you.  Come on in..the blogging's fine!