Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ecclectic tastes...

Eclectic tastes leaves room for a little of this and that.  Here are a few fun pictures taken this summer.  A little sky, a little earth and a few of God's creatures....

Photographer: Photo Amature

 A brush over layer of clouds...

 Beautiful swimmers as well as flyers

The night sky brings them alive in the sky
 but daylight makes for the best napping
 for these little guys

New life can reach through to the sunlight when determined

Ok, come on guys and gals and join in.  I guess I can keep posting my pictures all by myself but it's much more fun when we have a variety of pictures and styles to share.  Think you are too much of a novice?  No way.  Think you are too old or too young?  Again.. not applicable.  Do you like to take pictures of people, places and things?  Well then... let's see what you've got.  We promise to enjoy them.

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