Sunday, October 11, 2015


Take clouds or fog, add moisture, flowers and grasses and you get close-ups of fallish beauty.  The leaves hadn't yet begun to fall but the weather has definitely got a change to it.
Photographer: Camera Shy
Fall Grasses by the Lake
Fall Sunshine in Flora Form 

Fall Dew Drops

Fall Dew Drops Two

Thank you Camera Shy for sharing your unique view of your world.  I  will continue to invite any one to join in at any time after reading the goals and guidelines on the sidebar on this page.
   Any comments are welcomed by the photographers since we are all amateurs and are just loving the chance to share with you our view of the world as we see it.


Anonymous said...

I love the grasses picture because my mind is still in summer mode but I think they are all really good and the last one with the water drops is cool..

Brenda said...

Those close ups of the droplets on the flowers is pretty neat!

Amber said...

Water droplets are always a favorite. Great pictures.