Friday, November 1, 2013

Sorry for the Delay!

Fellow amateur photographers, I am very sorry for the continued delay in posting photo.  Due to family emergency needs I will need to extend the break just a little longer.  Thank you for your patience and please keep checking back.  I will post on Facebook, etc. when we are back on line.
    If you have any photos you want me to post please go ahead and send them in and I'll post them as soon as possible.

Photo Amature!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Time Out!

Photography-Amature-Favorites has taken a Time out this week due to family needs.  We will be back next weekend as usual.  Thank you for understanding and you, are of course, very welcome and encouraged to send in your photos to share.  Check the side bar at the upper right of this page to see how to enter.  I will look forward to finding some new pictures and hopefully some new amateur photographers ready to jump right in and join the fun!

Time Out!


Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm Black and White and Green all Over. Who am I?

Provided by an amateur photographer for todays guessing game. Have you guessed yet?  Here let's give a clue...

Photographer:  Photo Amature

Hmmm...  Green and wrinkly.. and striped?
  Maybe a sea urchin of some sort?

A Vine? Beautiful Pattern...
Ahh... Getting a clue...
Beautiful rivits along the side...
Ahh..Ha.... A Caterpillar...
A Tomato Caterpillar to be exact....
What a small but beautiful world waits for us when we take the time to look!
Hey Bug lovers... or of snakes or spiders... this is your chance.  With Halloween coming up what fun can you have collecting pictures of those small but "Scary" creatures in your neck of the woods? 
     Come on now and join in the fun of photography and become part of our sharing blog for any and all amateur photographers of all ages, child to seniors.  No training or experience needed, just the joy and wonder of the world you live in the excitement of adventure as you get out there and snap away.
   See the upper side bar for information on entering your fun photos on this blog!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Bear Country, South Dakota

Summer is over and Bears are getting ready to hibernate.  But before they do let's take one last look at the end of summer antics of Bears and other wild animals that live in an area in South Dakota called Bear Country.  It is a wildlife filled drive with fenced natural habitat areas and cattle guard gates. 
  Visitors can drive through the acreage and the wildlife get to gawk at those in their cars while they themselves are free to roam and block traffic at will.  They are in no way intimidated by vehicless and sometimes stand in the road gawking back or as was the usual.. just ignoring the vehicles.
    At the end of the drive tourists could then get out and look around at the baby animals and watch their antics as they played.  What a wonderful family outing full of beautiful animals and close encounters.

Photographer:  Photo Amature

The Welcoming Committee - Elk

This White Wolf roamed freely and ignored the vehicles

Dinner Time. (A hunk of meat provided by caretakers)...
Off to Bury the snack for a later time..
I didn't know that Santa's reindeer had a summer vacation spot in South Dakota...

Billy Goat Gruff...

Big Horn Mountain Sheep....
This guy stood his ground in the middle of the road for more than 10 minutes while seemingly ignoring cars waiting just feet behind him...
Eventually he nonchalantly stepped aside.. but barely!
Mountain Goat

One of 80+ Black Bears roaming in a very large piece of acreage
with a winding road for visitors

A  Cinnamon Bear needed a back scratch...
I know... I know... I'm so cool and I know it.....

I'm tired of showing off for all of my fans... I think I need a nap...

Isn't it winter yet?
The Stare Down..

Sneeky raccoon got caught in broad daylight...
More training for the youngsters I guess...
Young Bear Cubs in a Boxing Match

Round Three...

Curious Bear.. Looking for a Bee Hive Maybe?

Competition takes to the Trees..

Conquered the Tree.. Now for a swim in the pool...

Bear Cub Pre School Playground..

Those Bear Cubs Always Steal the Show... but I'm cute too!  And Wiley...
Ok all, Here is an assignment for you....... Take some pictures of bugs or other insects you see and send them in.  Tell what you like or don't like about the ones you choose and see if the rest of us agree. 
   Come on now... look at the world around you in a new light and have fun.  Kids, this will be a fun one for you to join in and show off your photography ability.  
   Remember, no special cameras or trained skills needed, just a zest for life a love of photography and wonder about our interesting world.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Who's who at the Zoo!

Have you been to the zoo lately?  Of course almost everyone has been to one at some point.  Depending on your area, a zoo can provide a wonderful day out and a chance to re-aquaint your self with some of the creatures that may or may not reside in your part of the world. 
  Today we'll take a little stroll through a small local zoo and see what you recognize.  It will include photos from two of our regular members.  One thing about going to the zoo... there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Photographers:  Photo Amature and Camera Shy

Don't Cry Fowl......

Photo Amature

His and Hers
Photo Amature 
Ah...How Cute
Photo Amature 
Poison Dart Frog
Photo Amature 
What kind of crazy modern art is this?
Photo Amature

I heard that.....
Photo Amature

I think I may be on the wrong continent.
Hey man, I'm Lost.
Photo Amature 

Beauty abounds in all sizes and shapes
Camera Shy

Dr. Suess......Is this a plant?  A porcupine stick? 
A hairy tipped tail? 
Photo Amature

You called me a what?
Photo Amature

My Spectacular Top Knot is my Pride and Joy!
Photo Amature 
What Big Feet You Have...
(And ugly too)
Photo Amature

Who says I need a pedicure?
Photo Amature

 You can't hurt me, cause I'm a rock!
Photo Amature

Well he's slow as a rock anyway...hehe!
 Photo Amature
So.. I'm not pretty, but I've got a great personality...
 Photo Amature
Ever watchful....
Camera Shy

What's that kid doing out there
with my cub?
Camera Shy

2 Cubs lapping the cool water together....
Photo Amature

 I know I'm Beautiful!
(Turquois is my favorite color too)
Photo Amature

 Crowning Jewel Feather Cap!
Photo Amature

 A lighthouse in a zoo?  Only on monkey mountain....
Camera Shy
We would like to invite you to join us in sharing your pictures.  As you look around you each day, take note of the little things that intrigue you and the awesome things that excite and inspire you.  Laughter is good for the soul, they say, so don't be shy about sharing some humorous photos as well.  If you enjoy looking at the world then you can be sure that many other's do too. 
  Check out the instructions on the upper right side bar for information on submitting photographs and getting credit for it!  We would love to have you join us!

Camera Shy