Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tweety has come to tweet us with photos

Here's a real treat. Tweety is joining our little club and wants to share some of her fun and pretty photos that she often takes with just her phone camera.  Being an amateur means we can use what we have available to take pictures and still come up with some really good ones worthy of sharing with others.  Please join in welcoming Tweety to our realm of shutterbugs.

Photographer:  Tweety

Glorious Sunset

Against a Blue Sky

A Glimmer of Light

Scars of Man's Making

Isn't it interesting that a tree can, not only survive but thrive by growing around a barbed wire?  Nature is resilient it seems.

Be sure to share with your friends and family who may be interested in sharing some of their favorite photos with us in the near future. 
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mountain Man has come to town

Mountain Man has finally arrived.  As an introduction he has entered 4 of his pictures that depict some of the outdoors he has enjoyed in recent years.  Mountain Man will be a regular in sharing his photography.
Photographer:  Mountain Man

Taken in Canada

Mountain Range in Alaska

The Rock (Alaska)

Mt. Ranier (Washington)

  Mountain Man will be sharing more of his photos in the coming months so keep an eye on his page by clicking on his tab at the top of this home page.       
    At this time I already have a few more sets of pictures that will be posted in coming days and weeks that will include some new photographers also. I am hoping to leave each new post up for 5 to 7 days for now to let everyone have a chance to view them before posting more.
   Please leave comments on any page for any or all of the photographers that tweeks your interest so that they can see what interests people the most.
  Things are picking up so join in and share some of your fun and most favorite photos with us.  Just read the goals and instructions listed at the top right side of any page and send them in.
  I look forward to having even more guest and/or regular contributers in the future.  Happy snapping!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Ever see the moon at night and imagine what the little details on the surface are?  This week, Photo Amateur is sharing some imaginitive sights seen a few weeks ago on Blue Moon night.  Although the moon wasn't exactly blue, it was  big and beautiful and full of personality.  If you have pictures of the moon, weather, sun or other outdoor beauties consider sharing them with us.  Remember that we now have a special effects page for amateurs to share some of their new found techniques or experiments.  Photo Amateur is sharing a couple in this shoot.

Photographer:  Photo Amateur

Title:  Once in a Blue Moon

Jungle Moon

Alligator Eye

Cats Eye

Two Ringed Moon

Tiger Moon

Marbled Moon

One Eyed Moon

The next two were lightened up with a light enhancer in Photo Amateur's Picasa program.

Moon Lane in the Negative?

Night Light Tiger Moon

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let's do the Twist

The Photographer previously known as '2beauties' has changed her alias to 'funky-i-yam' which best suits her personality and photography style.  Today's post is her newest project which uses something old and but see's a new 'twist'. 
If you enjoy these pictures and this blog please leave comments, including as 'annonymous' if you don't have a blogspot or google account yourself.  All comments are moderated to provide a positive experience for everyone.

Photographer:  Funky-i-yam'

Topic:  Let's do the Twist

If you enjoyed this 'Funky' Photo session please comment below and/or on her individual page by clicking on the tab at the top of this page titled "Funky-i-yam".
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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eucharisteo Joins Our Page

Welcome to yet another amateur photographer who is willing to share their favorite photos with us.  Eucharisteo has offered some beautiful seascape pictures of sunrises and moonlights.  Please be sure to add comments on photos that you enjoy so that all of the photographers can see them.

Photographer: Eucharisteo

Theme:  Sunrise, Sunset and Moonlight on the sea!

Cape Cod Sunrise
 Silver Morning Sea
 Silver Sun
 Cape Cod Sailing
Morning Moon
 Morning Stroll on the Beach
 Morning Foot Prints in the Sand

Sea Moon
Thank you Eucharisteo for sharing your photos. 
Anyone who enjoys this blog please invite other amateur photographers (like yourself?) to join in.  We would love to share.
Please refer to the instructions on the top right sidebar for instructions on how to enter photos and for my overall goals for this blog.