Saturday, September 15, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon

Ever see the moon at night and imagine what the little details on the surface are?  This week, Photo Amateur is sharing some imaginitive sights seen a few weeks ago on Blue Moon night.  Although the moon wasn't exactly blue, it was  big and beautiful and full of personality.  If you have pictures of the moon, weather, sun or other outdoor beauties consider sharing them with us.  Remember that we now have a special effects page for amateurs to share some of their new found techniques or experiments.  Photo Amateur is sharing a couple in this shoot.

Photographer:  Photo Amateur

Title:  Once in a Blue Moon

Jungle Moon

Alligator Eye

Cats Eye

Two Ringed Moon

Tiger Moon

Marbled Moon

One Eyed Moon

The next two were lightened up with a light enhancer in Photo Amateur's Picasa program.

Moon Lane in the Negative?

Night Light Tiger Moon

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Brenda said...

Those are really neat pics. I especially like jungle and alligator.

Amber said...

Makes me want to go outside and howl!
Great photos!