Saturday, September 1, 2012

Eucharisteo Joins Our Page

Welcome to yet another amateur photographer who is willing to share their favorite photos with us.  Eucharisteo has offered some beautiful seascape pictures of sunrises and moonlights.  Please be sure to add comments on photos that you enjoy so that all of the photographers can see them.

Photographer: Eucharisteo

Theme:  Sunrise, Sunset and Moonlight on the sea!

Cape Cod Sunrise
 Silver Morning Sea
 Silver Sun
 Cape Cod Sailing
Morning Moon
 Morning Stroll on the Beach
 Morning Foot Prints in the Sand

Sea Moon
Thank you Eucharisteo for sharing your photos. 
Anyone who enjoys this blog please invite other amateur photographers (like yourself?) to join in.  We would love to share.
Please refer to the instructions on the top right sidebar for instructions on how to enter photos and for my overall goals for this blog.


Brenda said...

So are absolutely beautiful pictures. Love them all, but especially the footprints!

Amber said...

Reminds me of the one time I sat on the beach and was able to watch the waves reach for me then run away.
I miss the ocean!!