The photographs on this page were submitted by an amateur photographer who wishes to be known as TJM596.  Comments and followers are welcomed by this photographer.  comments can be entered at bottom of page.

Cathedral Gorge in Nevada

Entering the Badlands
 Looking up and up and out of the gorge

Peek-a-boo Sky

Are the Walls Closing In?

Halls for Giants

Anyone for a Climb?

Colorado Sunsets

Colorado Patriot

Begining the Show

Snowy Peak Sunset

God's Watercolor Silhoette


Days End

Summer in Colorado

Blue Jay on a Fence

 Cottonwood, Colorado - Beaver Pond

 Fall in Colorado

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sheila said...

Oh, how these pictures make me homsick for CO. I love the fall in the mountains, the gold of the aspens agains the evergreans and the gray's of rocks. Beautiful!