Special Effects

This page is now open for Amateur Photographers ONLY that like to play with their camera's and or pictures they've taken and add or rearrange or recolor, etc. to make their pictures different and more interesting. 
  This is your chance to show off or to play with new features on your camera or computer and see what happens.  Just have fun with this one and share your photography art work here with us. 
  When entering photos for this page please let me know in your email and add titles or tidbits on how you created your art project and possibly what kind of camera or computer programs you may have used to create it.
  For those of you who have done or still do photography on film and played in the dark room with your 35mm pictures, please feel free to scan them in but they MUST be your original work.  Please let us know when you made your pictures and what techniques you used in the dark room.  Go ahead, check out your old photo books and old negatives for those fun pics.  Black and White welcome also.
  Check the sidebar info at the top right of this page for instructions on how to enter.
   To reiterate... this is for amateurs only, no professionals please.  This is for fun!!

Photographer:  Ruday

Peekin Atcha Puzzle

Photographer:  Whitey

Christmas Card Parade: