Kids Page

This page is for kids ages up through 17 to share their own pictures. 
  I would like to welcome and encourage kids to have fun with a camera and share their best and most favorite pictures on this blog.  If you have children or know children who enjoy taking pictures please encourage them to send theirs in.  No pictures will be posted here without parental permission and an appropriate 'handle' or 'alias' the child will be known as on this page.
  Kids if you have friends who are always taking pictures be sure to tell them about this blog.  You will need to provide a 'handle' or 'alias' for privacy purposes.  Let's have lots of fun with this one kids.

Photographer: Secret Agent Jacob (age 9)

Taken at an Air Force WW ii History Tour

"Picture of an old coin on a map"
"Gears of a plane"

"Controls that told them how fast they were going"

"This plane had 12 exhaust pipes"

"Cool, because it was a bomb holder"

"Showing it was an American plane"

"The inside of a machine gun"

"Cool information about the plane"

"Cool, it was a camera so you knew where you were aiming"

"Another machine gun"

"Just showing how many rivits there are"

"Just showing it was an American plane"

"Showing the propellers on a plane"

Depicted were the last still flying B-29 Super Fortress, B24 Liberator, Diamond Lil and a P51 Brat III.  Seen at an Air Force WW II History Tour.