Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Flowers by Photo Amateur

Flowers are the focus of today:

Photographer:  Photo Amateur

Garden Variety Holly Hocks

Soft and Fuzzy Dandelion

 Catalpa Tree Blossoms

Roses and Morning Glorys 

Martha Washington Geranium
Gerbera Daisy
Bullseye Geranium 


I love Flowers up close.  If you have any flower photos you've taken that pique your interest, please share them with us.  Note the directions  on the top side bar on sending in photos to be posted and/or getting a dedicated tab for yours so that your family and friends as well as others can follow your interests as well.
Looking forward to sharing more of my amateur photos with you as well as sharing intersting or beautiful pictures you take.  Please join us in our amateur photography interests.
Until next time....Happy snapping!!




Amber said...

Very pretty.
Great pictures!

Brenda said...

These pics will be nice to come back and view when we're in the throes of winter and longing for spring once again.