Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Photographer coming on board

"Camera Shy" is our newest photographer to join the blog.  Please take a look and share in the beautiful photo's posted.  As any blogger knows, it's a good feeling to know that other's are viewing and enjoying what they are sharing with the friends and family as well as the public.  Please consider commenting on pictures that pique your interest on the home tab as a new post and also the personal tab given each photographer.  When a photographer decides to join this blog and wants to be a regular poster they will be assigned a tab.  Any visiting photographer that may only want to share one or a few pictures now or very seldom then I will enter those on the home page as well as on a 'guest' page.  Please enjoy!

Photographer:  Camera Shy

A little Buddy

Sunbeams through the trees

Forest Mist

Forest Glade

Mystery Woods

Fantasy Trail

Sunset trees

Air Show Planes

Air Force Crews Enjoy the Show

Mountain Sunbeams

Water Lillys

Foggy Aspen


If you have enjoyed these photos entered by 'Camera Shy', please make comments below and/or on the individual page. Look for the tab at the top labeled "Camera Shy"

Thank you for joining us once again.


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Wow! I really like the forest pictures :) And the sunset is beautiful :D