Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mountain Man has come to town

Mountain Man has finally arrived.  As an introduction he has entered 4 of his pictures that depict some of the outdoors he has enjoyed in recent years.  Mountain Man will be a regular in sharing his photography.
Photographer:  Mountain Man

Taken in Canada

Mountain Range in Alaska

The Rock (Alaska)

Mt. Ranier (Washington)

  Mountain Man will be sharing more of his photos in the coming months so keep an eye on his page by clicking on his tab at the top of this home page.       
    At this time I already have a few more sets of pictures that will be posted in coming days and weeks that will include some new photographers also. I am hoping to leave each new post up for 5 to 7 days for now to let everyone have a chance to view them before posting more.
   Please leave comments on any page for any or all of the photographers that tweeks your interest so that they can see what interests people the most.
  Things are picking up so join in and share some of your fun and most favorite photos with us.  Just read the goals and instructions listed at the top right side of any page and send them in.
  I look forward to having even more guest and/or regular contributers in the future.  Happy snapping!

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Markus said...

I really like the first one :)