Friday, September 20, 2013

From the Past to the Promise

A few weeks ago one of our regular photography contributors visited some of the areas that have just experienced a lot of flooding.  This week We can share in a unique perspective from Funky-I-yam.

Photographer:  Funky-I-yam

In the town of Lyons, Colorado (before the flood).  From the past to the present with a little Focal Black and White and Color center to illustrate.

The Alley

Allenspark, Colorado
This picture was touched up with the 'posterizing' effect

Posterizing used here
(Double Rainbow vs. Colorful House)
"Competition with God!"
 After the flooding this rainbow holds special meaning for those affected and the rest of us who have witnessed the devastation and who care about those who have lost so much!
Any more Summer adventures that you have recorded with your trusty little camera?  Now is the time to share while summer is still fresh in our memories. 
  Soon, with fall pouncing, we will be sharing our amateur photographers enjoyment and experiments with the changing seasons.  If you are excited about the world around you or in interesting things you see, take a picture and you may decide to share them with the rest of us.  Join in, it's fun!


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