Friday, September 13, 2013

South Dakota Part 2 - Where the Buffalo Roam....

Did you ever wonder where the Buffalo Roam?  We have them in Colorado and a very few other States.  South Dakota is well known for them, especially in and near the Black Hills.  The original American Indians across the American continent followed the buffalo and depended on them for sustenance, shelter, clothing and tools.  In the 1800's they were almost massacred into extinction by the Frontier's Buffalo Hunters but fortunately, along the American Plains and foothills they have rebuilt their herds through protection acts.

On our recent trip to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota we were fortunate enough to run into one of these herds, almost literally!

Photographer: Photo Amature

Travelling innocently along the beautiful rolling South Dakota Hills

Whoa!   What's this?  Even with a weed hanging from his horn, this buffalo was totally unconcerned with our approach and dared us to proceed!

Ever wonder if animals communicate from one species to another?  I think this little bird and the buffalo were discussing whether we should be allowed to move!
This Momma and baby were veering out of the way of some rambunctious young bulls that were chasing around the hill side!

On guard and very aware of our gawking.  Though
Unperturbed, he kept his eye on us.

A roll in the grass always feels good!

The Herd

The Chase Begins!

The chase began with one bull chasing his girlfriend.  Soon a whole group of eligible young bulls joined in the game of chase covering the whole hillside and scattering other grazing groups along the way.

Lone Bull
This bull seemed to be acting as the Sentinel,
alone on the hill watching both sides of the ridge!

The buffalo did eventually let us pass and we continued on our journey home.
On our way down out of the South Dakota hills and heading west toward Wyoming!

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Brenda said...

These are so cool! How neat to see them up close and personal. I think you should put the one with the buffalo and the bird in the Country Magazine section where people put in their favorite caption. Who knows?

Amber said...

Great pictures.
I like the one of the baffle standing in the road just staring at you. He seems to be daring you to try and move forward.
These are great pictures especially for thosew who may have never seen a buffalo.