Friday, September 6, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Many people  have visited Estes Park in Colorado and will enthusiastically declare it beautiful and wild.  At the edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, it draws tourists and regular visitors by the thousands each year.  One of our regular amateur photographers recently spent some time there and enjoyed a relaxing weekend driving and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.  Taking pictures is a wonderful past time and a great way to bring your memories of spectacular scenery home with you.  Let's join in one person's personal tour of an outing in the great out of doors.

Photographer:  Camera Shy

First High Peek.....

Distance is almost a tangible thing...

The Ragged and Wild Rocky Mountains

The Views Never End

A Wild and Slippery Slope

Nature's Cutest Mountain Rodent

Glacial Bowl on a Mountain Side

Eons Old Lichen on High Altitude Rocks

The Rock

A Natural Frame
Hazardous but beautiful hike

Interesting Bridge Structure             Wild Berry


 Wild Grass Highlights


What a trip.  Thank you Camera Shy for the hike and wonderful Rocky Mountain Adventure.  Stay tuned for other photographer's summer experiences and another episode from South Dakota in the next few weeks.  There is always room and an open invitation for you to either join our group of amateur photographers or for our current sharer's to send more in.  Kid's are welcome and special effect pictures are always a good way to spice up our photography lives.
  If you make any changes to your photos with special effects either on your camera or on your computer please let us know so that we can give you credit for that.  Cropping (or a little lightening for dark areas) is allowed without comment.
  Until next time.........

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