Saturday, August 31, 2013

WW II Air Force History Tour

We have a special treat this week. 
  A brand new amateur photographer has joined our ranks and has taken some really cool pictures of some World War II planes that were seen at an Air Force History Tour recently.
  Our newest photographer is only 9 years old but definitely has an eye for interesting detail.  These pictures  have not been cropped or otherwise adjusted.  The final four pictures are another photographer's shots at the air show just to demonstrate what our young photographer was experiencing. 
  A child has a unique perspective on life and sometimes sees things we adults may miss.  each picture has a comment or description provided by this young photographer. I hope you enjoy them and please leave comments for our youngest amateur photographer.

Photographer:  "Secret Spy Jacob"

"Picture of an old coin on a map"

"Gears on a plane"

"Controls to see how fast they are going"

"This plane has 12 exhaust pipes"

"Cool, because it was a bomb holder"

"Showing it was an American Plane"

"The inside of a machine gun"

"Cool information about the plane"

"Cool, it was a camera so you knew where you were aiming"

"Another machine gun"

Just showing how many rivits there are"

"Just showing it was an American Plane"

"Showing the propellers on the plane"

The following pictures are another photographer's depicting the airplanes that Secret Spy Jacob got to see and took pictures of.

B-24 Liberator - "Diamond Lil"

 The only still flying B-29 Super Fortress

P-51 Brat III

If you enjoyed seeing these historical planes through the eyes of a child, please leave comments to encourage this young photographer and other young photographers in their enjoyment of taking pictures.  We have a special tab/page just for kids so keep checking for new photos by these young people under 18 years of age.
  Remember, you don't have to have a series of pictures or even more than one at a time to share with us.  Just send in what you think will be of interest to other's and let us all share your experiences and see another's perspective of the world around us.
  Just read the instructions on the side bar at the top of this page and get involved.  All efforts are made to keep your information private and your pictures protected so come on and join in the fun!



Amber said...

Great pictures Secret Spy Jacob!
He did a great job maing sure the photo was focused, and each picture is very interesting. A glimpse into what interests a young boy!
Great job!

Lynn Proctor said...

wow, only nine years old---such an amazing job!!!

Brenda said...

Great job, Secret Spy Jacob. I loved your perspective. I enjoyed seeing the end of a machine gun!