Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pueblo River Walk

A walk along the beautiful Pueblo River Walk was a great way to spend a sunshiny day recently.  If you haven't taken the time to go there, you should.  It's a peaceful walk with plenty to see and a lot of history to learn.  The theme around the river walk is Zebulon Pike, The explorer and the namesake for Pikes Peak located just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Along the walk are story boards, plenty of bronze animals that Zebulon specifically talked about finding on his travels in Colorado and even some quotes from his log book about experiences they had, shown in tile work along the way.

Photographer:  Photo Amature

There are several waterways with very nice sidewalks making easy for wheelchairs and cane walkers to traverse.  You hardly notice that you are right in the middle of downtown Pueblo as you take in the atmosphere.

This little center island held bronze animals all created by local artists.  There is a plaque listing each creator and the animals they formed to look so real.

Tile story boards with quotes and pictures that were included in Pikes log diary.

Colorado's well known buffalo that roamed freely.  There are still several herds in the hills and plains west of Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

Sacagawea was the famous Indian guide that traveled with Pike and his crew, bringing them safely across the nation to Colorado.

This was my favorite display on the walk.  The robe and blanket looked so real and as if it was actually floating on the wind.  Beautiful.

Another branch of the walk.  At the other end of this branch boat rides along the river walk water were available and at the end of another branch were paddle boats to be rented.
  The bridge shown here was where I found the birds in the nest that I posted earlier in the week.

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