Monday, December 10, 2012

Colorful Colorado According to TJM596

Most photographer's of all abilities are drawn to colorful sunsets.  Anyone who has ever paused along the way, whether on a beach, on a mountain, at the Grand Canyon or on a front porch, and watched the sun set, understands the awesomeness and calming effect it can give us.

One of our amateur photographer's is sharing a few of those moments with us today.

Photographer TJM596:

Colorado Patriot

Beginning the Show

Snowy Peak Sunset

God's Watercolor Silhoette


Days End

Do you have any colorful holiday photo's that you think would be universally interesting to other's?  That doesn't mean just Christmas, by the way, how about Hanukah or other special occasions that present wonderful visual effects.
  Remember, we have a page for special effects incase you have or want to try something new in picture taking.  Maybe a blur effect, a color filter, black and white, etc.  Go ahead and have some fun and be sure to share with us.

Check the side bar at the top of this page for instructions on joining us or becoming a guest photographer.

Kids, this means you too!

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Amber said...

Love the colors through the trees! Beautiful!