Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas and other Holidays seem to being out the cheery side in most of us and it's good to spread that cheer to whom ever we meet.  This is the longest post of the year to share some special affects and creative photography and use of some computer photo programs that are available to even us amateurs. 
  Three photographers and photo program experimenters have entered their creations to finish out the year of 2012 and to jump start the new year.  Please welcome our newest photographer/artist: "Whitey" as he has been known for years and wo of our regular amateur photographer's, "funky-i-yam" and "Photo Amature."

Photographer: funky-i-yam

A Christmas tree all alight and a little wiggle of the camera created this colorful and appealing photo.

Dancing Christmas Lights


Photographer:  Whitey

  Whitey used photographs he shot and blended them together with some public clip art and some artful drawing of his own to create these Christmas Cards.  He uses a very simple and older program called Photo Express whis is offered by the Ulead Systems.  He said that it can be found by going to the following web site to check it out:
   Most of Whitey's cards depict himself, his wife and his dog, Bogey.  They are arfully done and was a fun way to share with his family and friends.

  This first one includes a public clip art and their own faces.

This one took a very old black and white photograph, another of himself and his wife and some creative drawing in the program.

Bogey and tools overlaid on another photograph.

Totally set up photo but a cool depiction.

Two pictures blended and overlaid:

Twas the night before Christmas dreaming....

Another Christmas Eve Dreamer....
Couple and Bogey inserted in clip art.
The next set of Christmas Cards were created by Photo Amature using Picasa and photographs of Christmas ornaments hanging on the tree.,
Photographer:  Photo Amature
Blur Effect

A negative Effect

Heat Effect

Antique Angel
Blur Effect and Neon Effect

 Snowman Ornament
Flat coloring/paint Effect

Small Santa Hat Blur Effect

Intensity Effect and Negative Effect

Myrtle with Drawing Effect and Red Tinting
Mable with Pencil Drawing Effect

Red Ornament
First one slight blur 



Brenda said...

Whitey's are the Ma & Pa one especially!
I love the ornament effects...amazing what a few tweaks do. My favorite (besides the one of my nieces) is the intensity/negative effect.

Amber said...

Great pictures. My favorite is the one of Whitey, wife and dog added into the old time photo/clip art!

Love the Christmas pictures, I like the one with the Santa hat! Looks great!