Friday, January 11, 2013

Colonia Uraguay Getaway

DULCIUS-EX-ASPERIS poses the question: Why would you go to Hawaaii when Uraguay is waiting for you? 
      Hawaaii vs. Colonia Uraguay

Our well travelled Vietnam Vet has entered some pictures of a quaint and romantic spot in Uraguay.  You haven't set plans for your honeymoon or anniversary vacation yet? Might want to consider Uraguay.


Andes Mountains 22,000 ft elevation
Andes 22,000 elevation z

Colonia Uraguay Resturant
Colonia Urafuay vs Hawaaii z

Courtyard at Colonia
Courtyard La Florida z

Lunch for Two at Colonia
Lunch for two La Florida z

Dinner for Two at Colonia

Dinner for two La Florida z

Quaint and private for a lover's get way.


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