Sunday, January 27, 2013

Colorado Weather and Pet Assignment

 Colorado Weather can come in extremes. and Photo Amateur is sharing just a few snapshots that most can identify with at some point. 

Also, I am offering an assignment for any amateur photographer to share a few of your cutest, funniest or coolest pictures of your pets. There are many Facebook and Blogger users that love pets and love to share theirs. This is your chance to join in and share yours. (Any other photos you may have are welcome too).

Myrtle:  Santa’s Bully Elf
DSC_0396 (2)

  Please send your photos to and provide your alias.  I will of course watermark every photo for your protection and will enter it in an upcoming post and also on the guest page.  For further instructions read the upper right side bar of this page.  I would like to have several entries for this pet post if possible so get out your cameras and have a fun time.  You can use some special effects if you want to try something different. If you have an old favorite picture that can be sent or scanned in and sent the same way.

  Now for some Colorado summer and fall weather….

Photographer:  Photo Amature

June Storm Rain and Hail Downpour
Jun 2009 002 (2)

Rain and Hail Deluge
Jun 2009 010 (2)

Early Fall Freezing Rain on Grass
Oct 2009 151 (2)

Green Grass Frosted with Ice
Oct 2009 154 (2)

Fall Leaves Frozen in Time
Oct 2009 160

A Beautiful Sunset Always Welcome
Sept 2010 050 (2)

Ahhhh.. Peace at the end of the Day!

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Brenda said...

Beautiful. Love the one with the ice on the turning leaves.