Saturday, January 19, 2013

Colorado Hunter’s Winter Paradise

Winter in Colorado is beautiful, especially in the high mountain back country. Hunting is not only about bringing back the bacon (so to speak) but the experience of the wonders of nature. Watching your breath in the crisp mountain air, crunching through knee high snow, feeling the soft crystaline snow as it drops from the evergreens onto your shoulders, listening to the soft whistle of the cold breeze through the bare aspen and becoming part of the wild natural landscape around you as you quietly pass through the awesome and majestic silence. Whether you hunt with a rifle or a camera or just with your eyes, you can enjoy these beautiful pictures.    Photographer: Mountain Man     
  Hike into the High Country
DC Fall 2006 198 (2)
  Crisp Panorama
DC Fall 2006 201 (2)
  Father and Son Overlook
DC Fall 2006 205 (2)
  Crystaline Snow and Sunshine
DC Fall 2006 206 (2)
Young Hunter at one with Nature 
DC Fall 2006 210 (2)

I hope you enjoyed the hike with Mountain Man this week.  Feel free to join our amature photography group in sharing your view of the world around you.
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