Monday, December 17, 2012

Glacier Winter in Alaska

With Winter upon us this is a great time to review some pictures of an Alaskan Glacier as seen from above.  Our amateur photographer, who took these while on his travels, is Mountain Man. 

 Let's tour the awsome size, power and stark beauty of an Alaskan glacier and be glad for the safety and warmth we enjoy while doing it.

Photographer:  Mountain Man

Alaska - Glacier filled Canyon

Glacier Alley

Razor Tooth Ridges

Alaska - Glacier Highway

Glacial Merge Lanes

Glacial Highway Pileup

Cross Country Via Glacier

Mouth of the Glacier River

Now snuggle up and enjoy some hot cocoa and warm slippers after the tour.  Next week I hope to have a few guests contact me with some holiday shots of sights and lights that please and amaze.  If you want to be part of the party please read the instructions on the upper right sidebar and get your photos in right away.

   Looking forward to sharing some Holiday and Christmas Cheer!!


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Brenda said...

BRRRRR! but beautiful none the less!

(I'm also having fun finding your water mark on the pic. It reminds me of our favorite page in Highlights growing up...the hidden object page!)