Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Water, Tunnels and Trees in Fog.

This post is a conglomerate of catchy spots you might come across as you explore your local or near local area.  Have fun finding your favorite views and take some pictures.  Then I hope you will share them with us.  I would love to see what you find in your world!

Fog adds a sense of mystery to any scene and trees like these are no exception. Can't you visualize a child sitting on a lower branch as a bunch of wild horse graze peacefully around this tree?  Imagination.....

Photographer:  Photo Amature

As the fog was lifting this unique tree came into sight.  Perhaps someone took a hammer and pounded the top while it was young?  Fun to speculate but I sure enjoyed snapping a dozen or so shots of it from different angles...  Notice the birds nest?

At first glance I swore this water fall was falling sideways.  What a mind bender until your eyes pick up the small perceptional clues...  The second picture helps out a little....


Don't you love a tunnel?  Of course you must honk all the way through just for the fun of it as we do.  Having lifhts on and honking also alleviates head on collisions as well but let's just have some fun!

More to come in just a few days so keep checking in for the newest Amature pictures.  I hope yours is next!

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Brenda said...

Ooh! Love the tunnel. Can I post that on the Staying on Task page? It says it all!