Saturday, September 12, 2015

Whoops! It's been too long....

It's been way too long!  But... we will try to get back on track and keep some pictures coming your way.  We will include 1 or more picture for each post and we are definitely still looking for YOU to join in when ever you like to have some of your favorite amateur photographs displayed on our blog.  Please read the side bar for rules and options for joining in.  This is for all ages and styles.  We look forward to sharing your work no matter how new you are at taking pictures.  We will enjoy watching you improve and grow the more you share.  We like to receive comments that are encouraging to each amateur photographer.  We've had entries from eight to eighty so don't hesitate to jump right in.

Photographer: Photo Amateur

Just for Fun!  Do you have a pet with an attitude or perhaps is camera shy?  Maybe your kitten loves to play with ribbons and bows.  Why not take some fun pictures, pick your favorites and send them in?  We would love to share them.

Myrtle loves to go fishing and loves to play in the muddy water
but she is camera shy, even in her cowgirl hat!
Mable is a bully dog and will stare you down but then rolls over
 if you approach hoping you wont hurt her.

Couldn't resist taking a picture of this cute cotton
tail that definitely was not shy at all!

We have many more pictures to share after so long but thought we could start with those lovable pets.  Our email is listed on the sidebar if you have questions about joining in.

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Brenda said...

Those are great Reva! It is so funny how different those two are.