Saturday, July 12, 2014

What DO Hippos do all day?

What DO Hippos do all day?

Here's a fun post for all zoo lovers.  Today's photographer asked that question and had a "ball" watching and finding out what this hippo enjoyed doing all day!

Photographer:  Photo Amature

Location: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"Here I am, standing here looking at you looking at me,"
says the hippo.

I'm bored, think I'll go for a swim

Wanna play with me?

Bet you can't do this.....

Just like Tiddly Winks....When I squish it hard enough
 it pops right out of my mouth.  Cool....

Come on kids and adults.  Let's have some fun this summer.  Share your fun and adventures with us.  Let's see how many animal and wild life pictures we can gather.  I hope to post a set of wildlife, domestic, zoo and other animals and birds you send in but don't forget those bugs, spiders and snakes just for some eewww... factor. 




Amber said...

Very cool!
I've never seen them playing.
How fun to see them playing and enjoying the water.

Brenda said...

Those were fun! I thought the first picture was a statue of a hippo at first. Man! What a big mouth!