Friday, July 4, 2014

A Birds Day at the Beach

Do birds enjoy the beach and ocean air as much as we humans do?  According to these photos taken  recently along the Virginia Beaches, they sure do.

Photographer:  Photo Amature

Along a boating dock, this black bird found a perch
 to stretch and feel the cool refreshing breeze flow 
through his wings.
Can't you feel that breeze and freedom he felt?  Photo Amature almost joined in.

 Virginia Beach

A Moment in Time 


 Pigeons prancing and enjoying the view

Almost Camo colors on the gravel pavement
Sea Gull on the Glide

Ocean Breezes..Whee.......
Birds in Flight as the sun sets over the Chesapeake Bay

A Birds Day on the Beach is Done.....


   To all amateur photographers or just picture takers (how ever you think of yourselves), we are anxiously anticipating your entries to share on this blog.  Whether you have just one favorite picture or a series of a particular subject or even a few miscellaneous pictures you've taken that you just had a great time with, please get them sent in soon. 
   Follow the directions shown in the sidebar at the top of this page and provide an alias you would like to be known as and let's get this summer season out there for the rest of us to enjoy along with you.

Do you still smell those ocean breezes??


Brenda said...

I love these pictures. So calming, like they have no cares, no worries. It reminds me of the verse, Matt. 6:26 how they neither sow nor reap but the heavenly Father takes care of much more He cares for us.
My favorite picture of this set is the sea gull "A moment in time".

Amber said...

The last photo is my favorite! But I really love the one with the sunset and birds in flight, so beautiful.
Great pictures!