Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sand and Feathers....

What goes together better than Sand and Feathers...  What...?  When you think about it, where ever you find sand you will usually find feathers, whether on the sands of Death Valley or the sands of a coastal beach.  Let's check it out.

Photographer:  Photo Amature

The colors of the rainbow are displayed in the sands of
Virginia Beach

What jewels of geologic and aquatic history
 can be found in the sands of our coastal shores
The Blending of Air, Sand and Water..

Feathers that mimic the flow of wind
 on the ocean currents

Is it a leopard, and ostrich or one of the first feathered experiments in the quest for flight?
Nope, it's just a Duck!

The Sands of Time...

What a beautiful combination of Air, Sand and Water...

What is that I spy?  A nest full of feathers?

Yes, of the most Regal kind!
Isn't it fun to find even simple surprises in our world?  We don't have to be world class photographers, reporters, authors or scientists to take note of the massive, the powerful or even the weakest and most intricate parts of the earth and the living mammals, birds, insects, plant and tree life water life and natures geology and to share the wonder with others.  Please join in and share! We welcome and encourage you to become one of those amateurs, family, friends, neighbors and strangers who just love being alive and checking out everything around you.
   We enjoy photos of mighty vistas, rough terrain, machinery and other man made interests, animal life and even some human subjects that just plain catch your eye and make an interesting subject you would like to share.
   Please read the sidebar at the top right of this page and Please feel free to send your pictures in.  All photographs will be watermarked to protect your ownership and its use in this blog!

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