Sunday, March 31, 2013

Eclectic Photos (see EASTER post below also)

  This post was not posted in early March due to clerical error on post managers part.  Sorry about that.  Today is Easter but you are getting a bonus here so enjoy!!!

This week we are bringing on board yet another new photographer as well as a few old timers to our blog.  Please welcome our new guest photographer, who is called 'Photo Pipeline', and let's reaquaint with our fun loving photographer known as 'funky-i-yam.'

Photographer:  Photo Pipeline

Arizona Sunset Fire

Photographer:  Funky-i-yam

Centrifical Ice Sculpture

Photographer:  Photo Amature
An antique wood burning stove used in small cabins and hunting tents. One of our favorite photographers, Mountain Man refurbished it with his own homemade stove pipe and stove lid.  I love antiques and especially ones like this that is still very useful.

'Glow-Fire'   Antique Wood Stove

Do you have some favorite photos that you've taken recently or even in the distant past that you really enjoy?  Don't be shy, just send them in to the email address listed in the sidebar info above.  Follow the instructions to be included in our fun photography group blog.

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tweety said...

boy does this bring back memories. Nothing heats like a wood burning stove!