Sunday, March 31, 2013

EASTER!! What does it mean to youi?

EASTER!  What does it mean to you?  Each day of the year holds some special meaning to someone and that can affect not only one but multitudes of people.  Birthdays are special to one and their family and friends, holidays hold a meriad of meanings to the many.  I hope that many of you will be willing to share your meaning of this and other special days with the rest of us through photography!
  Among the many things that Easter means to me, the thing that always draws my camera from the case is Flowers, whether in a garden, nature or in bouquets.

Photgrapher:  Photo Amature

A Colorado Columbine from my Garden

 Following Bouquets from a relatives expansive garden

Flowers from my Husband
Dried Beautifully

A Bucket of Garden Flowers

Even in Sparce, Dry soil Delicate
Flowers Abound

Even a large Weed can Produce Beautiful
and Wonderful Blooms

A Red Maple produced these
Shimmering Golden Silver Leaves
 Did you or your children  make beautiful special Easter Eggs  this year or maybe catch a peek at the Easter Bunny on the sly?  How about a beautiful flower garden that marks the beginning of spring or a wonderful spot that has special spiritual meaning for you on Easter?  Please consider sharing those with us this week and I'll post them for next weekend.
  Welcome to any and all amateur photographers!!  See upper side bar for information on joining in on this blog that is just for you!!

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