Saturday, October 6, 2012

Waldo Canyon Sunsets

Camera Shy is back and sharing some beautiful sunsets near her home.  Somewhat ominous in nature, the sunsets are beautiful even though they grew from smoke from the Waldo Canyon Fire that destroyed thousands of acres, hundreds of homes and at least 2 human lives.
   Even in devistation the awsomeness of nature can be seen if we take a moment to look.  Thank you Camera Shy for sharing in the memory and yet the beauty of that season of fire this summer.

Photographer:  Camera Shy

Smokey Haze over the Mountain

Smoke Rising to meet the Clouds

Ominous Overshadowing

Sunlight Finds a Way
(over Pikes Peak)

Golden Sunset

The Burning Bush?
(What would it have said?)

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Brenda said...

The Burning Bush may have said: Even in such devastation we can find beauty. As long as we have breath there is always something to be thankful for.
Beautiful pics.