Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bridges and Waterways

Mountain Man is back and offers a view and perspective that is pleasing to the eye.  It's amazing how relaxing the sight of water can be, thrilling or even chilling, depending on the setting, temperature, volume and speed of the water's flow.  Enjoy and let leave a comment about your favorite shot.

Photographer:  Mountain Man

Under the boardwalk in Alaska

Quiet Stream

Alaskan Waterway

Historical bridge

This would make a perfect
 5,000 piece Puzzle

I've got plenty of room for more amateur photographers so contact me if you're interested in sharing. 
   Remember, your pictures do not have to be perfect, scenic or of any particular subject matter.  They just need to be yours, of general interest to others, and of good taste.  Please read the top sidebar information on goals and guidelines for sharing your pictures on this site and note that all pictures will be watermarked for your protection. 
   When you send in photos please include a 'handle' or made up name you would like to be known as on this site.  That way your family and friends will know which are yours but otherwise you will have privacy and protection for the general web info floating around out there.

1 comment:

Amber said...

Beautiful pictures!
My favorite one is the last one, and I agree it would make a great puzzle.