Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Waking a Great Horned Owl

What a treat. 
   Even an amateur can run into a spectacular moment and opportunity to interact with nature.  This weeks photo shoot was taken by the blog moderator, Photo Amature. 
  While camping at a Colorado campground in September a Great Horned Owl decided to hunt and sleep amongst the trees in our camp group.  Caught catching a morning nap, this owl wasn't particularly happy and maybe a little perturbed by the intrusion of looky loos admiring his physique and size and especially close proximity.
  He measured aproximately 2 feet tall and wore the evidence of a recent hunting catch.  We found his uneaten prey in another tree in camp and that night he made use of it while we slept.  We found the left over feathers only scattered over our camp and picnic table.

Photographer:  Photo Amature

Sleepy Wise Old Owl

I see you sneeking up
How Dare you Interuppt my Nap

Hmmm... Look at the Looky Loo's

Can't a Night Owl catch a Day Nap?

Alright, I've had enough of this

You are in my sights

Evidence of last hunt

Beautiful Feather Patterns

More beautiful feathers

You looking at me? 
I'm looking at YOU!

Please leave comments and let us know which pose is your favorite.  Got a picture or two you have taken and would like to share?  Just contact us at the the email address above on the right sidebar.  We would love to experience what you have.


Putz said...

reva, reva, reva, reva, the olw repeats like your name was delightful<><><>how could i possibly have a favorite<><>you are my favorite, nuff said

Amber said...

He said, "whoo are yooou?"
Great shots!

Amber said...

He says, " whoo are youuu?"
Great shots!