Sunday, July 14, 2013

Robinson Mansion

Today it's all about mansions.  Want a summer time outing that doesn't require a lot of travel? Look in your vacinity and see what is available to tour in the way of museums, mansions or large historical hotels, etc.  You  could be surprised at what's just around the corner.  A great historical lesson for the kiddos too.

Photographer:  Photo Amature

(Note: some tweeking was done on the photos due to extreme smoke and haze from the nearby Royal Gorge wild Fire that plagued the area for a few weeks.  The smoke created grainyness and low lighting conditions)

Robinson Mansion, Canon City, Colorado

Now that's a front porch

The Mansion also had a carriage house in the back of the property that these antique carriages once graced and provided transportation for its occupants
 (note: the smokey haze... Sort of gives it a historical past feel to me)

Reminds me of some old Cival War Pictures

Inside the Mansion was beautiful and very ornate.
I loved the many beautiful chandeliers

Every detail was perfect including the antique sculpted trim
The Biggest and Best Chandalier

So much detail

And this was in the dining room.  Since we were there for a wedding I was unable to get pictures of the rest of house but would like to go again sometime to really see everything the Mansion has to offer.

Prism Chandalier, cool

As the hazy sun disappeared the mansion took on a whole other light!

A Fountain, black with gold trim almost dissappears in the dark!

Through the smokey haze a very full moon came out to give a haunting atmosphere but the trees dressed it up with a leaf skirt!


Alright, now it's your turn to share a theme set of pictures or an eclectic collection or even random shots you have taken and enjoy!  Hope to have a lot of summer excursions and experiences vicariously through you soon!

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Brenda said...

It was a beautiful setting for the wedding. If walls could talk right?