Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Facorite Amateur Photos - exhibit One

Today I am getting a chance to choose a few of my favorite photo's that have been previously posted on this blog by other amateur photographers.  I know that you can scan through each tabbed page and see for yourself but for today I'm showing off a few of them in an eclectic group.  I may do this from time to time just to highlight some of the talent and subject selections of our member and guest member photographers.  Don't hesitate to become part of our little club and show us some of your own favorites.

Photographer: Jim at large

Trail Crossings

Photographer: TJM8596

Colorful Colorado

Photographer: Camera Shy

Fantasy Trail

Photographer: Eucharisteo

Silver Sun

Photographer: Funk-I-yam

Let's Do the Twist

Photographer: Photo Amature

I See You!

Photographer: Mountain Man

Historic Bridge
(Would make a great 5,000 piece puzzle)

Photographer: Delcius-ex-Asperis

Rolling Thunder

Photographer: Whitey

Ma and Pa

Photographer: Ruday

Kittens and Puzzles
(Special Effects)

Photographer: Wilfred

I'm a Shy One


Catching an Egg Yolk Sun

Photographer: Tweety

Man Made Wounds

Which of these are your favorites?

NOTE:  We have had almost 3,000 views just from passing this on to friends and Facebook friends along with other blog viewers, many from other countries.  Don't be shy about sharing the address with your friends and family.  Especially if you decide to share some of your photos.  Everything including your page name is protected.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

I love the Colorful Colorado picture. It is absolutely beautiful! Also The Egg Yolk Sun. How great is out God!
The twisted house is pretty cool too ;)