Friday, June 14, 2013

Colorado Wildfires - Beauty from Destruction...

Along with everyone else, we have been watching and holding our breathes daily as wildfire season has sprung into action.  Colorado is once again enduring a hot, dry and dangerous summer with wildfires run ammok. 
  A new photographer to join the ranks has sent in some awesome pictures taken in Canon City, Colorado looking toward the huge Royal Gorge fire that continues to burn.  As a note, the 84 year old bridge over the Royal Gorge (Worlds record as the highest bridge in the world from 1929 -2001) is still standing although many of the wooden planks have been damaged by fire.
  Please welcome our newest amateur photographer who also used a special lense on a few of his pictures to get a unique and really cool affect.

Photographer: Kelsey1

Looking West over Skyline Drive to the fire outside of town
 Fire Fighting Plane for dropping Slurry over hotspots
 Holding the eggyolk sun

Yellow Halo
 Experimenting with a telescope framing lense

So Cool...

 Sunset through a smokey haze
 Thank you Kelsey1 for joining our group and thank you viewers for taking the time to see what our photographers have been up to.  As always, you are welcome to leave comments at the bottom of any page for the photographers.  If you would like to join us and share a little of your world, please read the sidebar at the upper right and get in touch.

  Happy shooting y'all......


Brenda said...

Awesome pics though with unfortunate circumstances. Praying for rain!

Amber said...

Such beauty in the midst of tragedy. Could only be from God's hands.
Beautiful pictures!