Monday, February 18, 2013

Pet Parade for Amature Photographers

As promised we are posting a few of our amateur photographer's favorite pictures of their own pets.  We have a few guest entrants this time so please take the time to check them out and leave comments.  We will hopefully have another pet parade perhaps once or twice a year for those of you who missed getting yours in this time.
   Using a camera, whether an expensive manual one with all the gadgets or a simple snapshot or phone camera, we can all enjoy capturing the sights in our lives that inspire, awe, tickle our funny bone, create thought proving feelings or add to our creativeness and allow us the opportunity to share those experiences with other's.
  Thank you all for joining in our Pet Parade 2013.

Guest Photographer:  Bird Lady


Guest Photographer:  Ruday

Come Play with Me

Peekin Atcha puzzle

Ruday used a picture of a Cats eyes to create this cool picture.  The Corel-Photo Paint 8 program was used to develope the unusual puzzle picture.  I think this would make a cool poster.

Photographer:  Camera Shy

You Love Me, Don't You!

In the next 3 photos, Camera Shy used a fade technique to present a soft border.

Serenity in a Cats Nest

What was That?  A Mouse?

Waaaa... I Missed all the Action!!

Photographer:  Photo Amature

Babies First Weigh In

My Daddy

Am I in Trouble?

Sargent of the Guard

I'm Ready to Dig in the Garden Y'all
Be ready to send in more pictures soon.  Looking for some winter fun and winter wonderland photos for the next few weeks.  Any late pictures you want to send in for pet parade can be used soon if there are enough to make a good post.  If not, we will hold them and use them later unless they are part of a group of other pictures you would like to enter for your own feature post.  Come on, jump in and join the photography fun!


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