Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cathedral Gorge

Back to Nevada this week with one of our amateur photographer's pictures taken on a past trip through the Badlands formations called the Cathedral Gorge.
  A little history:  The origins of this area began with a fresh water lake that covered the Panaca Valley in Nevada and another valley east of Pioche 53 million years ago that deposited soft mud. 
  Erosion began during the Pleistocene age  that created big gullies through the soft mud and gravel. (the area is now called Meadow Valley Wash)
  Then during the Ice Age, 25,000 years ago the Carpenter River removed approximately 1,000 feet of mud and gravel. The harder materials remain but erosion continues to change the landscape.

Photographer:  TJM596

Entering the Badlands

Looking up and up from the bed of the Cathedral Gorge

A Peek-a-boo Sky

Are the walls closing in?

 Sure wouldn't want to be here during a flash flood
But this looks like a hall for giants

Dare to Climb Out Anyone?
What a cool/hot place to visit and to feel small and insignificant to what nature has made.  A good days hike here would definitely do that.
  Thank you TJM596 for sharing your wonders of the world around you. 
  I am looking forward to sharing someone elses experiences in the weeks and months to come.  Please send your trip pictures or any other pictures you think other's would enjoy and share with us.
  Thank You,
Photo Amature

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Amber said...

Love the ones looking up to the sky! Beautiful!